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Pakistan Observer to launch a TV channel soon

The very first day of the year 2016, and the team Pakistan Observer made it more grateful for their well-wishers today announced that soon they will be launching their TV channel. The revelation was done in one of the finest way as for this purpose the first day of the New Year was chosen, which might be a shocker for others as a reputable Newspaper announced to jump onto the TV screens.

There was no buzz about the channel announcement or not any sort of rumors were around, as the Islamabad-based newspaper completely stunned with their official announcement about the launch of their channel.

Furthermore, the channel name and logo was also shown in the advertisement on the front page of Pakistan Observer newspaper.

Although, it should be kept in mind that the makers of the channel have just revealed about their stepping in the TV channel field and so far the dates and other information are not provided.

Furthermore, some reliable sources also told that so far the officials hiring is not done in this regard and in near future the official words over it will be released.

The newspaper ad also told that the channel is an initiative of Observer Broadcasting (PVT) LTD Company and will be handled by the Pakistan Observer’s chief editor Zahid Malik.

The best thing about this channel going on screen is that the makers of this channel are big-wigs of their fields as they are running the renowned English based newspaper since 1988 and that assures that the quality content would be produced and will also play a pivotal role in expanding media services.

Pakistan Observer ad revealing about the launch of the channel



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