Super Cinema Lahore Movie Schedule & Ticket Prices

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(Last Updated On: 03/12/2017)

The revival of Pakistani film industry and open welcome to the Indian movies is increasing the number of latest technology based cinemas in the country. Even small cities now have multiplex and 3D movie screens. The traditional cinemas are restricted to theatre and drama like programs only while the franchise based cinemas are going to opening advanced cinemas and advanced facilities in the country.

Super Cinema Lahore is also known as 3D Super Cinema is the much-advanced cinema in Lahore constructed on modern viewing technology like image quality, sound system, seating system and other entertainment facilities. The cinema has DCP 300 that in fact house digital input for 16 channels Booth Monitor and Digital Crossover along with network control and monitoring of DSP, amplifiers and speakers in one integrated package that provided magical sound in the hall.

This luxury mini plex is constructed in Royal Palm Golf and Country Club Lahore. 3D Super Cinema is a state-of-the-art facility created for a unique movie entertainment experience which can also be used for viewing documentaries, live concerts and live telecast of international award ceremonies.

Super Cinema Lahore Movie Schedule

Super Cinema Lahore movie schedule is available at the main page of its official website here http://supercinema.com.pk. Just scroll down, and at the second portion of the website, you will see the all available movies currently being played along with their schedule.

Super Cinema Lahore Ticket Prices

Super Cinema Lahore does not show the movie prices at its official website at all. Moreover, it does not directly sell the movies tickets as well. It sold its tickets via Easy Tickets here https://www.easytickets.pk. Just move to the buy ticket section and select the Super Cinema Lahore to buy the online ticket.

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