Farhan Ali Waris’s Noor e Ramadan 2018 A Plus TV Registration, Passes, Timings, and OST

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(Last Updated On: 16/05/2018)

The holy month of Ramadan is celebrated with full zeal by the Muslims across the globe, and so it is done by the Pakistani Muslims. Prayers, charity and caring for others are few of the essences of this holy month, and apart from that the daily Ramadan TV transmission throughout the month is also celebrated heartily. Apart from the TRP battles of the TV channels what comes out the best out of it is the unity and spread of positivity. Among many of the channels up with Ramadan transmission, A-Plus TV’s spree of Ramadan transmission never disappoints.

This year’s Ramadan transmission on A-Plus Tv will be up with name ‘Noor e Ramadan’ and Farhan Ali Waris, Farah Shah and Qasim Ali Shan will be hosting the two different segments of the show; one is Suhoor (Sehri) and second is Aftar (Aftari). It should be kept noted here that A-Plus seem to have on the best hosting teams for this year’s Ramadan as all three of the hosts are maestros and massively known in their respective fields.

Farhan Ali Waris, who is actually the integral character of this transmission is widely known across the globe as one of the finest Pakistani Noha- Khuwan and Naat-Khuwan as well. On the other hand, Qasim Ali Shah stands tall when it comes to the motivational speakers of Pakistan and a reputable author as well. The third of the trio, Farah Shah is also a prominent face of television who has starred in dozens of drama serials.

Noor e Ramadan 2018 Hosts

Farhan Ali Waris, Qasim Ali Shah, Farah Shah


Noor e Ramadan 2018 Timing

Iftar: From 2:00pm onwards till Iftar

Sehari: From 1:30am onwards till Sehar


Noor e Ramadan 2018 Registration and Passes

The procedure to become part of this sacred transmission is yet not known. One willing to be part of it can can contact through Noor e Ramadan Official Facebook Page

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