Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2018 and Amount of Prize

Prize bonds in Pakistan are said to be one of the largest sources of investment for Pakistanis. Rather than investing in other investment options like purchasing shares and stocks, investing in property, most of the Pakistanis like to invest in prize bond because they can easily understand the process of prize bond and how it works. The other thing that motivates the willing investors is that he has the confidence that even if he failed in winning the prize, he could still demand his entire invested amount.

Prize Bond Draw Schedule for the Year 2018 from January to December

Draw Schedule of Premium Prize Bonds Rs. 40.000

National Savings of Pakistan

The National Savings in Pakistan regulates and deals in following prize and saving schemes:

  • Prize Bonds
  • Defense Saving Certificates
  • Special Savings Certificates
  • Regular Income Certificates
  • Behbood Savings Certificates
  • Short Savings Certificates

Prize Bonds in Pakistan are bearer type of security available in the denominations of Rs.100, Rs.200, Rs.750, Rs.1,500, Rs.7,500, Rs.15,000, Rs.25,000 and Rs.40,000. These bonds are issued in series. Each series consist of one less than 1,000,000 bonds. No fixed return is paid, but prize draws are held on quarterly basis.

Prize Bond Draw Method

The draws are held under common draw method, and the numbers of prizes are same for each series. It means that if 50 series of Rs.200 Prize Bond are in circulation. Then on each draw, we have 50 winners of 1st prize and 250 winners of 2nd Prize and so on.

Prize Bond 2018 Amount

The number and amount of prizes on various denominations of prize bonds for each series are shown in the following table:

Denomination(Rs)First Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize
100/-01700,00003 200,0001,199 1,000
200/-01750,00005 250,0002,394 1,250
 750/-01 1,500,00003 500,0001,6969,300
1,500/-01 3,000,000031,000,0001,696 18,500
7,500/-01 15,000,000035,000,0001,696 93,000
15,000/-0130,000,00003 10,000,0001,696 185,000
25,000/-01 50,000,0000315,000,0001,696312,000
40,000/-01 75,000,00003 25,000,000660500,000

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