Traffic Violations Fine on Pedestrians in Pakistan

New Govt of Pakistan is bringing a change which was expected of it and that was rule of law. The new government is taking immediate steps to implement rule of law in every structure and department of the country. People are already feeling the change and one of the major decisions is strictness in implementation of traffic rules and penalty of traffic violations.

We already have heard about the increase in fee of traffic violations but the cheery on the top is that it will not only be applied to the individuals having or riding vehicles or bikes but the traffic fines are also going to be implemented on the pedestrians. Yes! It is true, summary has been submitted to fine on the persons or pedestrians who will cross the road without zebra crossings.

The Government has claimed that many of the accidents are results of people crossing roads on their own will and from anywhere they want and no one cares about zebra crossings.

To reduce the accidents and save countless lives Goverment is going to implement fines on those who will be crossing the road without zebra crossing. The magnitude of the fines and methods of implementing the fines has not yet been revealed.

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Let’s hope things get better in Pakistan and there is rule of law in every section and category of our society.


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  • Saira Ghaffar
    03/10/2018 at 11:29 AM

    Achi baat hy, i am very happy with this initiative!


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