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DigiSkills Training Program Courses : How to Register & Login


As the world of communication is gradually improving it has become impossible to think of the world in which we can survive without ICT technologies. It is this technological advancement that has brought the world closer in the name of development, entertainment, and learning. The people sitting miles away from each other can easily get connected with each other in the name of the desired activities. The ICT technologies are leaving mark on the global economies as well. They are opening arenas for those who are learned, skilled and want some assistance to progress in their desired field.


The development of ICT technologies opened ways to have respectable earnings through freelancing. From some dollars to huge financial benefits they are doing everything. It is expected that in the years to come this tradition will grow to a much greater extent generating better economic benefits for the people associated with the said technologies. It is even easy for the people restricted to their homes to join any freelancing group for bagging better results.

Pakistani freelancers are making a mark in the world of freelancing. Currently, it is the fourth largest country to provide the skills and services of the freelancers. It is highly appreciated by the women who are not able to go outside their homes but have the skills and enthusiasm to do something. The total registered freelancers from Pakistan are now in thousands. They are working for both the national and international clients. The income they earn from international clients reaches them through different sources.


Due to this increased the government of Pakistan has announced a nationwide ICT program for the good of their skilled people. This is called Digital Skills popularly known as the DigiSkills. The idea was presented by the Ministry of IT and Telecom. This will help 1 million Pakistani to learn the basic skills that are associated with the ICT technologies and the freelancing.

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Official Website:

The key skills that will be improved through Digiskills program will include

Digiskills programs and Courses :

Digiskills Courses:

  • Word Press
  • Web designing
  • E commerce
  • AutoCAD
  • Graphic designing
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO

How to Register & Login Digiskill:

You can register or sign up digiskill LMS:

You can login or sign in digiskill LMS:

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