Sham Idrees and Froggy Announced They are Going to be Parents

Sham Idrees and Froggy are popular vloggers from Canada. They are known for their vlogs that are unique in their content and leave behind a strong message. The vloggers have always been in the news. Their fans got surprised when they revealed that they were entering into wedlock. Their wedding videos and photographs went viral on the social media making their fans fall in love with the couple.

The fans had something great to listen to when both of them announced through their YouTube channels that they have great news to share with their fans. They were too excited to reveal that they are going to be happy parents soon.

Froggy loaded the entire event of revealing the news to her loving husband. Her video showed how she called Sham saying that she wants to see him alone as she wants to talk to him in person. It was something that was bothering for Sham. He rushed back home but the things were not as scary as they seemed. A beautifully decorated home was waiting for him. The secret of the celebrations was revealed when Froggy gave him a cake saying that he is going to be a dad. Sham added that they had no plan of having a baby for the next few years but now when it has happened they want to celebrate the festivity and the blessing. They are thankful to the Almighty for choosing them for this blessing.

On one hand, the fans were happy to hear about the news while on the other hand there is a list of people raising a voice of suspicion against the couple. They questioned that this is not possible in just three weeks after the wedding. The other group of fans corrected them by saying that they got married six months ago.

Considering the excitement and thrill of the couple we all hope that they enjoy a safe journey of this parenthood.

YouTube video
YouTube video
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