Hum Tv Drama Serial “Jaal” Cast, Story & OST

Ego and self desires are something that can make anyone ruthless. In the desire to get personal goals sometimes the people go at all lengths. They do not realize that in perusing their personal goals they sometimes hurt the closest ones. The search for personal interests is such that it can ruin the life of anyone. This is not something unusual in society. It often happens around us. We come across people who are ready to destroy the lives of others just because they are looking for their personal interests. Taking into account this social set up a number of dramas have been created. The purpose is to let the people know that it is essential to stay safe by looking at the real face of people rather than getting into the trap of those who are apparently too close to them.

Story of Drama Serial “Jaal “:

The new Hum television drama Jaal moves around the same story. The drama reveals that how the jealousy, intrigue and personal motives take away the happiness e closest in relation and that is a sister. The story revolves around two sisters. The younger sister is ready to do everything to get hold of the love and passion of her sister Sumbul Iqbal. The play showcases the most popular artists of the times. The names of Ali Kazmi, Imran Ashraf, Sumbal Iqbal and Shabbir Jan are the proof of success. The director and the producer have poured in the best effort to give a quality experience to the viewers. The story has the entire thrill that makes it worth watching.

Cast of Drama Serial “Jaal “:

Director Mohsin Talat

Producer Moomal entertainment and MD productions

Story by Wasiq Ali

Writer Seema Munaf

Cast Imran Ashraf, Sumbul Iqbal, Ali Kazmi, Sukaina, Ismat Zaidi, Khalid Anum, Anum Tanveer, Naveed Raza, Shabbir Jan, Farah Nadeem

OST singer Amanat Ali Khan

OST of Drama Serial “Jaal ” :

YouTube video

The Teaser of Drama Serial “Jaal”:

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video

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