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Imran Khan Proposes Death Penalty for Child Abuse

The recent case of child abuse has taken the country by storm with calls for action coming from every sector. And now it looks like a law or an action plan can be on its way soon as Prime Minister Imran Khan has proposed the death penalty for those who are involved in child abuse. This is a great initiative that the Prime Minister is taking specifically keeping in mind that the child abusers often get away from the hands of the law because there are no strict laws present that can be a cause of concern for these child abusers.

According to the Adviser on Information for PM, Firdous Ashiq Awan, the PM has said that strict punishment should be given to the child abuser and they should not be let go. She said that Imran Khan has expressed his concern over the increase in child abuse cases in Pakistan as well as an increase in child pornography which then leads to child abuse in the country. The Prime Minister has given the duty to the Ministry of Interior, law, and rights to assess, examine, and analyze the current laws in the country regarding sexual violence, rape, sexual exploitation, and others.

The three ministries will now prepare an action plan on this can be implemented and will come up with a solution in front of the federal cabinet. The ministries need to do is on an urgent basis so that this menace could be stopped in the society and strict punishments are given to the offenders while the victims are provided relief on an urgent basis. With the increase in rape, sexual violence, and child abuse, the government needs to take drastic measures in order to curb this unacceptable behavior and something like the death penalty is the right solution for the offenders.


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