Hania Aamir Starts the Vlogging Journey

The video content stuff has hit a boom and we now have so many video content options that we just don’t know what to see. There is a big list of vloggers as well who are making new content daily in order to lure in more subscribers to their channels. Joining this vlogging bandwagon is none other than Hania Aamir, who has launched her own YouTube channel. The actress has launched her channel with the name of @HaniaAamir where she will be making video content for the viewers on her channel. The newly launched video channel of Hania Aamir is a surprise for many but let’s see how things work out for her in the digital world.

Hania has till now uploaded two vlogs on her channel. In the first one, Hania introduces herself and tells people that she wants to give an insight into her life to them that is why she started a channel on YouTube. But the first vlog showed that Hania didn’t have any content and she doesn’t know what she will be doing in the rest of the series. She said that the pure reason to make vlogs was to connect with her fans apart from movies and dramas. This connection is a two-way process where the fans can comment on what they like and what they don’t like making it easier for Hania to change the content accordingly.

In the vlog, Hania Aamir is seen visiting a dentist before having a quick interview session with Asim Azhar. The vlog titled “Hania Aamir Ban Gayi Vlogger” ends with how Hania wants to have an impact in her vlogs through discussions, something that a lot of people will look forward too. While Hania is a household name in the industry, she will need to have powerful content in order to survive in this vlogging world.

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