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Man from Lahore Punished for Second Marriage

Marriage is a respectable institution. It is the beginning of the family life which in return is the beginning of the society. Islam has duly emphasized the rights of wives. Although it has allowed four marriages still it has encouraged taking good care of all the women in the contract of marriage. For those entered into the wedlock with more than one woman have to ensure that the right of every woman in his Nikah must be safeguarded. After the amendment in the marriage laws, the government of Pakistan has made it compulsory for every man to seek the permission of his first wife before going for the second marriage.

An interesting and unusual thing happened in Lahore when the judicial magistrate ordered to jail a man named Muhammad Rashid. It was not because of some serious offense. It was because he got married for the second time without the consent of his first wife. Mr. Rashid was sentenced 11 months jail along with a fine of Rs. 250,000.

As per the details, Ms. Shamim of Ichhra launched a complaint against her husband after he entered into second wedlock. The complaint was launched under section 6 of the Family Law Ordinance 1961.

According to the council, the man has committed a crime by going against the legal bindings. The action was taken after the council came up with sufficient proof of the offense. The magistrate found the evidence to be sufficient enough to establish the verdict.

The court ordered to arrest the man immediately. The wife being the complainant was not happy over the verdict. She still thinks that the punishment is not enough to teach him a lesson. S that the period should have been extended to make it an example for the rest of the men too.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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