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Writer of Dil Dil Pakistan Nisar Nasik Passed Away

Written by Arooj Ahmed
(Last Updated On: 05/07/2019)

Pakistan has got some of the best national songs that are still alive in the memories of everyone. One such patriotic national song is Dil Dil Pakistan that would still send goosebumps when you hear it even after so many years of its release. The song is still one of the most popular songs to be played at Independence Day or any other day. The beautiful national song was written by Nisar Nasik who passed away on Wednesday morning in Rawalpindi. The lyricist had been in pain during the last part of his life and has been suffering from amnesia and mild blindness.

Nisar Nasik produced a lot of things in his lifetime but it was the composition of Dil Dil Pakistan that brought him all the fame. And once the song was sung by Junaid Jamshed of Vital Signs, there were just no heights of success for the song. Dr. Sugra Sadaf, DG Punjab Institute of Language Art, said that Nisra Nasik was not only a great poet but he was an amazing human being as well. She said that she knew Nasik for decades and his departure is a great loss for the industry.

Nisar Nasik was one who used to focus on his work only and avoided all gatherings altogether. Amjad Islam Aslam said that the last few days of the writer were really tough on him and there was no one to help him. He asked the government to take care of their national artists so that during the time of crisis, there is someone to help them out. During his career, Nisar Nasik wrote two book namely Dil Dil Pakistan and Choti Simat Ka Musafir. The poet was also awarded Life Time Achievement Award by PTV for his contributions in the literature section.

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