Neelum Muneer justified her Item Song for ‘Kaaf Kangna’

Neelum Muneer is a well-known movie and drama actress of Pakistan. Neelum has got a huge fan following after her mysterious role ‘Ulfat’ in Dil Mom Ka Diya and fully wins our hearts with her acting skills, expressions and the bonding she shows towards the character. She made her movie debut opposing Ahsan Khan in a thriller and a comedy movie ‘Chupan Chupai’ and got her nomination for Best Film Actress in 17th Lux Style Awards she also starred with Sami Khan in the Wrong no.2 and now is ready to hit our big screens with her upcoming movie ‘Kaaf Kangna’.

We are going to see Neelum Muneer in an item song of her upcoming ‘Kaaf Kangna’, which, in the opinion of her, she has done because this movie is a project of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) and for the love of Pakistan. Neelum Muneer faces backlash for performing item songs. She received criticism from her fans toward this item song.

While she took it to social media and justified herself and said, she did this just because this movie is a project of ISPR, perhaps this is the first and last time she is performing item song of her life. She appoints her fans, and says, we all know what she does, she owns it and does it with the pride. Further, she plots, “Pakistan key liey mari jan humesha hazir hey.” She is sure that her fans will go, support her and watch the movie and ends her statement with ENJOY!

On the other hand of the story, people are bashing out with criticism, mean and hateful comments, and even started roast her with memes. How we Pakistanis can miss a chance to troll anyone either someone’s success, their song, their dance, their wedding, even marriage proposals or what not? NO! WE NEVER DO.

A person wrote on Instagram beside her good performance this song is just rubbish and poor writing direction by Khalil.

More to this, some say, Next Tamgha-e-Imtiaz nominee, and the award goes to Neemlum Muneer.

However, some people are taking her side and supporting her and think it is not that big deal.

YouTube video
YouTube video

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