Ali Zafar’s “Mela Loot Liya” PSL 5 Song

The most-waited second anthem of Pakistan Super League V released yesterday and gained more than 2.5 million views within a day. The song has created great hype for days because of crowdsourcing. Mr. Zafar asked fans to record steps which he had shown in the video and send it on the provided email address. Therefore, there are steps of the fans from all over Pakistan and thousands of Pakistanis.

Mela Loot Liya is a beat song that has the inclusion of so many colors in the video. The dancers and Ali Zafar wore funky clothes and they were shown to play with colors in the video. The video has bhangra like steps and has the touch of modernism too.

After the release of TAYAAR HAIN as official anthem or theme song of PSL V, people gave mixed reviews and many of them did not like it. They compared the present song with old anthems that were sung by Ali Zafar due to which the hashtag of singer’s name was trending. Therefore, fans requested him to make the song. On the show of Waseem Badami, the host announced in front of masses to him that what the viewers want and asked him if he will make on which Zafar said that he would make if the people voted to have the song of him.

Initially, Ali Azmat spoke against Ali Zafar in the same show. He said that the singer bought bloggers to defame the anthem but then he showed to support it. Haroon even said in the show he would also record steps for the song. Azmat, on the other hand, tweeted that Zafar has the right to make a song like advertising agencies and other companies have the right to make on which Ali Zafar tweeted and said that he is waiting for his senior’s shot.

The fights and negativities started to settle down. The series started with the people disliking TAYAAR HAIN, which was followed by viewers bashing at Ahmed Godil then Ahmed Godil told the public that he was un-allowed to play Zafar’s song in the ceremony and then Ali Zafar’s anthem which was solely made for fans. The release ended the major word-ly fight and it can be hoped that the series will progress smoothly and viewers now support all singers and art.

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