Khalil ur Rehman vs Marvi Sirmed : Who is Right!

From Coronavirus, the focus has been shifted towards AURAT MARCH AND KHALIL UR REHMAN VS MARVI SIRMID of whole Pakistan. From Twitter to Facebook, every Pakistan has been busy in discussing to whom the support, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar or Marvi Sirmid.

Recently, in the talk show, aired on Neo News, the guests had argument over AURAT MARCH’s slogan- MERA JISM MERI MARZI in which Marvi Sirmid raised the slogan two or three times that ignite the writer of Meray Pass Tum Ho who said that the women who take part in such events are of too lower class that no one even likes to spit on them. And when she repeated again so the writer shouted on him that shut the mouth and what is in her physique. He further said, “Who the hell are you!” Moreover, he used slang language “Uloo ki pathi” and yelled on her that she should go and see her body as no one is ready to even spit on it because there is nothing in it. And ironically, Anchorperson, Ayesha Ehtisham, of the show, AYESHA EHTISHAM K SAATH, was not requesting him to use decent words. She was asking the analyst to keep quiet and give the writer a chance to speak.

The show completed on time but it boomed the whole social media. Common men started giving their point of view. Many of the supporters of the March said that KKQ was downing the status of me. There were many of the users who called him MISOGYNIST. Besides, public figures like Resham, Amir Liaquat, and Mahira Khan also tweeted against him. Amir Liaquat said that the writer should be isolated in the hospital because of his misogyny. Similarly, Mahira khan said that why the media give him project after project when he disrespects the women on TV. Meanwhile, Nida Kirmani, the known professor and feminist of LUMS, explained what the slogan means on social media to show her opposition against KKQ. Moreover, Shahbaz Taseer- son of Salman Taseer, called him pathetic. However, there were some who supported him and called “SHER KA BACHA”. There were some who said that now Marvi Sirmid’s stand will be used as AURAT CARD in the march to get sympathies.

So, these are the reactions of people of the whole of Pakistan. No one knows what is right and what is wrong but one thing is needed to remember that man, woman, and transgender are humans and humans should be respected.

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Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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