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Since the story of Laddan Jaffery was aired on television, Allama Zameer Akhtar Naqvi, himself, is now called as Laddan Jeffery by the public. His “main nahi bataaonga” boomed so many memes on the scholar that twitter and Instagram is flooded with jokes and funny pictures of him that receive large number of views and likes. The best and worst part is that the scholar knows about this ranting too. That’s the reason why he made a video on social media and gave a message to his viewers and fans about what the people are ranting about him and how is it affecting him.

In a video, Mr. Naqvi said that he has received fame the most on three big platforms of the world: YouTube, Facebook, and Google, than other scholars and religious personalities. The scholar said that every girl, boy, and women know him and give him respect. According to the Laddan Jaffrey’s storyteller, the people use his words and idioms and get happy because of the meme makers who made him so popular. Therefore, Allama said that users should continue to make memes on him as people, who don’t listen to serious things, listen humorous things and come to him in that way and his message is being conveyed to them in another way.

In a video message, the known Shia scholar then said how and why they think that they make fun of him via memes. He said that Urdu is spoken in India and Pakistan and Indians pay him respect more than Pakistanis. Mr. Naqvi said that Americans and foreigners respect him a lot. Thus, he said that it is Pakistanis who are making fun and disrespecting Urdu, not me.

The scholar said in the video how he has made fun and disrespected Sunnis, although he talked about unity always. However, he remarked that he could make fun of them of whatever they write in their books but he had not made. The scholar then changed the tone and said what the viewers are thinking that if I get rude. He said that he did not get rude, he is joking with them. He then explained that he joked in Bol News show by saying “Main nahi bataoonga”. The scholar raised his brows and told that he is the player of tone and knows when to joke and when to get serious.

At the end of the video, Allama said that people continue to make videos on him and do what they want to do!

Laddan is Back

Posted by Laddan Jaffery on Friday, September 21, 2018

Dr. Zameer Akhtar Naqvi Ladan Jafry Story:

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