Syra Yousuf Opens Up About Life After Divorce

Fans get excited and pleased when they see the cutest couples on their favorite shows. Their excitement turns into euphoria when the same on-screen marries or post pictures with caption “nikkahfied” after a year or two on their social media official accounts but it is the same fans who get disheartened when the very same couple get separated and announced that have “divorced” each other. Sometimes, many of the fans comment negative things about the female partner or spread rumors that hurt the couples who then come on social media and are forced to clarify their situations what has happened, like in the case of Syra and Shehroz Sabzwari.

The two young-featured actors married in 2012 and became favorite of everyone after appearing opposite each other in the sequel of an old drama “Tanhaniyan Naye Silsilay”. Viewers and fans visit their social accounts daily and given thousands of views to their dance videos and duo pictures. They received a lot of prayers and messages of “congratulations” on the birth of their daughter. However, this year marked the end of their journey as they get separated and then divorced. During separation, viewers and fans spread the rumor that ex-husband had an affair with Sadaf Kanwal, model, and Balu Mahi actress, that resulted in separation. Yet, the things were cooled down when younger Behroz Sabzwari made a video and clarified everything that he and model are going to come in a shoot together; therefore, they were seen together. Behroz Sabzwari also gave his views and tried to hide the news by saying that their daughter-in-law’s mother is ill due to which she is at her mother’s home.

Although there were tons of news on this topic, nothing is reported from an ex-wife and one of the Yousuf sisters, Syra Shahroz. Yet, she reported recently in the show but not directly. She talked about her current life in the live session on Mothers’ Day with HSY. The known fashion designer of the country asked her how many well-wishers there are in her life because many of them gone away who were not actual. She answered that they are a few that she could count on her fingerprints. In 55 minutes long session, she has been getting the chance to know herself. In a session, she conversed with the friend that she has been spending more time with her very smart daughter- as she said. Syra talked about privacy and importance to maintain their privacy. The actress talked about the relationship that all relations are different and a person cannot talk about everything with everyone with whom they are connected. In a conversation, she said that she loved to be herself.

Syra Yousuf is one of the known actors in Pakistani drama industry. She is famous for Mera Naseeb, Tanhaniyan and Chalay Thay Saath.

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