Hassan Ahmad, Pakistan’s First Deaf Blogger


Beside Irfan Junejo and Junaid Akram, there are many other bloggers and vloggers. Bloggers and vloggers influence people on social media with their skills, daily routines, beauty, and DIY. They use different social media platforms where they post their pictures with well-crafted captions that can others to say “WOW”. Out of so many bloggers, Hassan Ahmad is the most special social media influencer.


Differently-abled Hassan Ahmad is the first deaf blogger and vlogger of Pakistan. The 23-year-old guy is the resident of Rawalpindi who works as Graphic Designer for IT company, Ideofuzion, where he creates designs for social media posts, PowerPoint slides, brochures and many other things. According to Hassan, her sister motivated him to pursue career in his passion. She made him to do courses in graphic design and work as a designer. After learning design, the vlogger did an internship in PTCL for two months and Horizon Technology Inc. for a month.

Besides gluing up with PC and laptop, Ahmad works as Brand Ambassador for DeafTawk. It is an online service of sign language interpretation whose sole purpose is to empower mute and deaf people. The mobile application of DeafTawk is available on Android and Apple phones. Deaf people could use to pursue a career in their desired fields. The startup won the award for the best Startup Asia Pacific that was organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


Hassan has blog on Instagram and Facebook and vlogs on YouTube and other two platforms. He posts pictures of his usual life on all platforms and use media to promote the deaf community. He post videos and vlogs about his field on the internet to tell people about his interests.

Ahmad belong to a middle-class family. He was born in the small village of Rawalpindi. The little boy had impairment since birth because his mother was also deaf and mute. However, the family moved to city for his education. Hassan did Bachelor’s in Special Education from Sir Syed School and College. The young guy was alumni of the Young Leaders’ Conference that is organized by the School of Leadership every year.

Hassan Ahmad is a very inspiring person who can influence people with his being differently-abled skills and passion to pursue career in his favorite field while working for the deaf community from his vlog and blog.

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