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Sajal and Ahad wedding is at another stop

Thoughts and ideas of people revolve around what they see on television screens, Netflix, Instagram, and Facebook. The Instagram pictures, emotional and heart-wrenching clips of YouTube, seat-binding episodes of Netflix and heart-warming scenes of soap and drama serials.

Drama serials are the eye-candy for every other person. Their stories, plotlines, direction, and camera-shots are different from soap dramas. They are fast and attention-grabbing. Besides, their cast is also eye-gluing. That’s the reason why people wait for each of the serial episodes. However, the viewers do not keep their emotions with the dramas. They connect with a couple of drams too. That’s the reason why they get so much happy when a couple gets engaged in practical life. The same goes for the wedding of Sajal and Ahad.

Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir- two well-known actors of the Pakistani Drama Industry, are getting married this month and their fans do not stop for a second to find out what they are doing for their wedding. They are trying hard to know the exact date of the wedding but they are unable to find out as their favorite couple has not announced yet.

Last night, the couple had Mayun in which the family members of YAKEEN KA SAFAR gathered and celebrated the day. They had a traditional ceremony in which there was ubtan which all members applied on the future husband and wife’s faces. In February, the aunt of either Sajal or Ahad arranged dholki in California in which her friends shared joy for their future wedding with their aunt. However, they were mot present in the function because of their routine.

Last year, the son of Asif Raza Mire got engaged with the actor of Alif and Orangreza during Eid days which pleased their fans so much that they boomed whole Instagram and social media with their love for them when the couple announced about their engagement on Instagram.


Currently, their lovers stalk the account of the bride to be and groom to be’s mother regularly to know what is happening and what is going to be announced regarding their wedding because it is their posts that can tell them many things about their future preparations.

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Hello Mr. Mir ❤️ #InAbuDhabi

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Sajal and Ahad are people’s favorite couple after they did Yakeen ka Safar. According to Saboor Ali- the actress of Gul-o-Gulzar, the couple has mature relations and Ahad proposed her sister through PROPER CHANNEL instead of dating her. The sister said that fiancé met the bride-to-be’s dad and then his family met the head of the house and things get finalized.

However, the date is still not announced of the wedding so remain active on social media and get all updates.

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