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The Tragedy of Ghani Tiger

Imagine a mob of people with rods, cans, guns are approach an innocent person and beat him to death. And the person or his family keeps on waiting and just waiting for justice from the courts of law without seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. Depressing and heart wrenching, right? But it’s not impossible to imagine because such incidents keep taking place every now and then in our country. Every other day we hear news where an innocent loses his/her life at the hands of some extremely stone-hearted fanatic. And if not life, the innocents are stripped of their honor in such a way that lives often become worse than deaths. They are inflicted pain upon by stone-hearted persons for the reasons unknown to them.

Just in the past week, a number of such incidents took place that although shook us with the pain but did not surprise. One of them that has been making rounds on Social Media is the murder of Ghani Tiger’s father. Ghani Tiger is a famous TickTok star and Rapper who took to social media on Sunday to break news about how his brother has been shot and his father brutally murdered by 50-60 men. The clip is absolutely heartbreaking to watching as Ghani struggles to articulate words while crying. He told that almost 50-60 people suddenly broke into his house with rods and pistols. Although he ran fearing for his life, they brutally beat his father up and then shot him in the head. They didn’t spare his brother too who was shot on the leg. Upon his return, he found his father dead body and brother severely injured who was taken to hospital.

“My brother is in the hospital, my father is in grave, and mother is in shock,” said Ticktoker Ghani Tiger. He also named the organization and culprits involved in the murder. Ghani appealed to the higher authorities to get him justice because he doesn’t want to take law in his own hands as he is not a murderer. He requested people to share the video with hashtag #JusticeForDawood to become his voice.

A short while ago he uploaded another video where he told that Police have arrested few culprits and are in the search of others. He thanked people and police and said that he hopes justice will be served to him.

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Arooj Ahmed
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