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Difference between Kehwa and Green Tea

Kehwa: Kehwa, a traditional after meal drink consumed in Afghanistan, and some regions of Pakistan as well such as Khyber Pakhtun khawan(KPK) or Kashmir. It is famous all over the country, and people love to drink it due to its health benefits.  Every region has their recipe to make, according to the culture and the taste preferences of its people. Usually, it is a combination of various ingredients including cinnamon, cardamom pods, some traditional herbs, sugar or honey (according to the preference) and a pinch of salt as per taste. Benefits of Kehwa: Kehwa has properties that improve digestion, help burning extra fats, and building one’s immunity. It also helps improve metabolism and has cleansing properties. It is also considered to …

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Juvenile Card Requirement & Tracking

Juvenile Card is an identity card which is issued to children who are under the age of 18 years. This card is chip-based which is different from the Child Registration Certificate(CRC). This card is an entitled document which has multiple facilitates. The important thing is that if you want to get your card, then child parents or blood relative holding a valid National identity card has to present physically for the biometric. Juvenile Card NADRA Requirement & How to get Juvenile card You can get your Juvenile card by simply visiting any NADRA Registration Center(NRC). Following are some important steps you should follow at the NRC: Firstly, you will be issued a token at NRC You don’t need to take a …

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Arq-e-Gulab Rose Water Benefits and Uses in Urdu

Arq-e-Gulab also called as Rose Water is the water of rose typically made of stepping natural rose petals in water. It is the by-product that is obtained during the production of rose oil that is later on used in perfume. Since ancient, it is being used as an herbal product in addition to merely using as perfume. It is now widely used in cosmetic and medical products and almost has no side effect at all. It is useful for eyes, skin and has many other beneficial properties. Arq-e-Gulab Rose Water Benefits The main highlighted benefits of Arq-e-Gulab or Rose Water are: It helps to maintain pH balance of skin It fights against acne, eczema, and dermatitis It hydrates and moisturizes …

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Pasalai Keerai Benefits and Recipes

Pasalai Keerai  (Spinach) Benefits: Spinach is the best sources of vitamins like iron, calcium, folic and many more other minerals that is requirement of our body. Spinach is known by different name as Palak in Urdu or Hindi Spinach in English and Pasalai keerai in Tamil. It is rich in iron so always try to buy fresh Pasalai keerai in dark green color and avoid the yellowish leaves one because it does not contain high level of chlorophyll. It prevents our body from different diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma, lowering blood pressure. It is very effective for hair skin and for the health bones. Below are the recipes in English. Many recopies  are made by Pasalai keerai (Palak) but most …

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Chamomile – A Tea with Benefits

Since the dawn of civilization, man is heavily relying on herbal raw and final products. However, for a while the domination of allopathic medicine is prevailing, but the use of herbal products is not optional but essential having near to zero side effects. Among several herbal plant, Chamomile or camomile, a daisy like plant, guarantees staggering amount of benefits. One from the many is “Anti-Aging” merit which is probably mostly liked by the women. It is a popular value addition to cosmetic products; giving gloomy appearance to skin while protecting you from scorching sunshine and giving sun-kissed look to blonde or light brownish hair. Research has found that enjoying chamomile tea each day can be helpful from getting rid of …

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Ajwa Khajoor (Date) Benefits & History

History of Ajjwa Date The history of Ajwa date goes back to 5000 B.C. It is said that the nation of Moses was blessed with special gift. They were bestowed with food from heaven. The food included different kind of fruits and other food items from the heaven. It was called Man-o-salwa. But the nation did not respect the heavenly gift bestowed upon them and as a result the supply of Man-o-salwa was seized. Although no one is sure what exactly was included in Man-o-salwa but according to Ahadith, if there is a heavenly fruit present on earth, it is Ajwa khajoor. So history of Ajwa can be linked back to those times. Ajwa Khajoor Benefits Ajwa date is found …

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