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40+ Urdu Bitchy eCards with Desi Touch

Urdu has always been taken as one of the sophisticated and gentle languages of the sub-continent and Pakistan. And keeping its class within, Abdullah Syed Pakistani artist from DC has given the Urdu language a new sassy culture twist. Syed pairs retro-graphic pics with amazing sarcastic Urdu insults on their page Bitchy Urdu Cards, which isn’t live anymore. These cards went viral back in last year on Facbook and WhatsApp. Many ladies in Pakistan hailed them as their Facebook witty banners and WhatsApp Pictures. Toward the day’s end, be that as it may, we would all be able to concur that these cards are novel enough in their very own right, and can possibly brandish an interest for nearly everybody’s …

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Poisonous Nimko and Chips: Are your Kids Eating Healthy Snacks?

Children are the future of every nation. Healthy children means healthy nation. Are our children consuming poisonous and dangerous snacks, nimko and chips? The answer indeed is yes. Some of those people who don’t have a conscience are poisoning our children with snacks made up of rotten potatoes with insects and worms crawling in them. The oil used for this purpose is derived from intestinal remains of animals and sometimes bones of animals. The sub-standard material used in these snacks, nimko and chips is just like a poison and their usage and popularity among kids of different age group is highly popular. All these poisonous items (chips, nimko and other snacks) are delivered everywhere in local and international popular brands’ …

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Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers for Sale

You are young and peppy but alone. Want to make sizzling and beautiful friends,then what are you waiting for …We are here to meet your desire.Numbers of school, college and university Girls are available  at very humble prize. Our contact number is……######! An ad in the C class evening newspaper (Shaam ka Akhbar) Cellular Phone is one of most used or abused bounty of modern science in Pakistan. Impetuous youth of  Pakistan are enjoying the dream time.Cheap mobile packages and inexpensive mobile phones. Parents have no objection, they want to remain in touch with their children due to unstable situation of the country any mishap can happen at any moment.So the question of  having a self phone in a unsuitable …

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