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Launch of BOL News Channal Delayed

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 13/08/2014)


Launch of BOL TV News Channal Delayed

Launch of BOL TV News Channal Delayed

BOL is an upcoming news channel and it has created sensations among all news channels of the country before even its test transmission. CEO of BOL Network has promised the nation that they will change the way traditional news channels are working. BOL Network has offered some extra ordinary packages to the anchors and really have broke market rates. Everyone person related to news channel is trying his or her level best to join BOL.

Many famous anchors and presenters has already joined BOL, recently we have seen that Kamran Khan left Geo and Jang group after a very emotional speech in his program Ajj Kamran Khan K Sath. Kamran Khan was very sad on leaving Geo and said that he won’t highlight the reasons for leaving Geo but rather he will recall happy moments. Some days after his farewell speech we came to know that Kamran Khan has joined BOL TV. Many other famous anchors have left their TV channels to join BOL TV.

BOL News Network

BOL News Network

But there is twist in the tail and that is BOL Network was scheduled to be launched on 14th August, now it has been confirmed that BOL Network is not going to be launched on its due date. Now it has been scheduled to be launched in Oct 2014. The reason seems to be the political situation right now, 14th August has become a very important day in other terms and that is Long March of PTI along with Tahir ul Qadri group.

Everyone is anxious about what is going to happen on 14th August, so I think it wasn’t the right time for BOL to be launched because they wouldn’t have got the importance they wanted to have. This is what BOL network management would have thought or there might be some other reasons behind it.

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