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Indian ParaCommandos Vs Pakistani SSG Commandos

The commandos of any country belong to their special operation forces. They consist of the army, air force, and navy well-trained personals. These commandos are involved into the various military activities and are responsible for the counter-terrorism operations, foreign internal defense, covert operations, direct action, unconventional warfare, hostage rescue and few others. Here we will make a comparison between Indian and Pakistani commandos. First, we will like to throw light on their introduction. Indian Commandos Indian commandos work under the supervision of the Indian military. These are trained to conduct several special operations inside the government. All divisions of Indian military have specialized commandos. Indian commandos mainly belong to the three special operation forces that are Para (Indian Army), MARCOS …

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Etihad Baggage Allowance for International Flights

Last year Etihad Airways has revised its baggage allowance policy for international flights. According to new baggage allowance policy, weight allowance has been changed according to route, choice of fare and Guest membership status of Etihad passengers. On most of the routes international baggage allowance has been increased from 30 KGs to 23 KGs while at some routes instead of carrying the luggage of 30 KGs, passengers can carry with them two pieces of baggage at 23 KGs each. However, Etihad Guest Members will get extra benefits in shape of carrying an extra bag or getting additional weight allowance subject to market and route. Etihad Baggage Allowance for All International Flights Maximum weight and dimensions – To / from Brazil, …

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What Brexit Mean to Pakistan? Impact and Implications

Those British people who were planning for past many years to separate their paths from the Europe Union have been succeeded in getting their aim. Now after the referendum, with almost 52% people consensus in Britain separation from EU, Britain is too some extent bound to complete the legal formalities as early as possible. After that major change in Europe, over Desi Pakistan Bhai are little worried about what is going on in Wilayat. Technically being a Pakistan, it will not affect you at all and if there will be then these affects will be world wide and secondly if you were living in any country of the European Union or the United Kingdom then there will be some effects …

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Beyond CPEC; China’s One Belt, One Road (OBOR) for New World.

Chinese are known for their highest intelligent trading approach. The example of that can be seen from the initiative of China recent mega project in Pakistan by the name of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project. The rival countries of Pakistan and China are too much worried about this mega initiative that is considered as one of the biggest investment ever made by China in Pakistan. Its worth is $45 billion. CPEC will connect the Gwadar of Pakistan at one end with Xin Jiang of China at another end. It will open the new window of trade for the China. The CPEC will make the China able to get access to the South Asian, Middle East and African countries. To connect all …

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11 Interesting Facts about World’s Largest Folding Umbrella of Saudi Arabia

Last week the work on the installation of the largest folding umbrella in the world has been started in the Makkah’s Grand Mosque. Once completed, it will be the masterpiece of the architectural work. It would be the first installation of the folding umbrella in the Grand Mosque of Makkah. After the successful installation of the first one, 7 other of the same sizes and 56 small ones will be installed in the upcoming six months. Here are some interesting facts about the world’s largest folding umbrella that is going to be installed in the Makkah’s Grand Mosque. 1. There are eight umbrellas of same size In the first phase, only one will be installed and later on seven more …

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