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Shab-e-Arzoo ka Alam ARY TV Darma Serial

Shab-e- Arzoo ka Alam is a drama by ARY TV. It began from 22nd April 2013, and within two months it captured a lot of viewers’ attention because of its superb direction and storyline. It is directed by the celebrated Sohail Javed while Aneeza Syed is its writer. Shab-e-Arzoo is basically Aneeza’s beautiful novelette about sacrifice and pain in love. Aneeza Syed is a well-known author of Pakistan, who writes for television also. Shab-e-Arzo formerly published in a digest in three episodes and got admiration. It is a romantic-tragedy of Kiran (Armeena) & Dawood (Mohib Mirza). They are truly in love but because of some unfortunate circumstances they have to part from each other. Both go through the same situation …

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Nadia Khan vs. Shahista Wahidi

Shaista Wahidi who became Shaista Lodhi earlier this year after her divorce is a TV anchor. She is mother to three children named Shafay, Faiz and Eeman. She hosts “Utho Jago Pakistan” which is aired on GEO TV and it is Pakistan’s number 1 morning show. She is the sister of a very well-known anchor Sahir Lodhi. Nadia Khan is a TV actress and host who have a much longer career as compared to Shaista Wahidi. She hosts the show “Nadia Khan Show” on GEO TV as well. Both of them are very good presenters and anchors. Due to growing popularity of both these stars they are often compared to each other. Both have a huge fan base and it …

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Kaash Aisa Ho ARY TV Drama Serial

Kaash Aisa Ho is a recent production of ARY TV. Maha Malik has written its story and Sohail Javed has directed this beautiful serial. It began from January 2013. It has all the brilliant artists such as Muhib Mirza, Saba Qamar, Shahood Alvi, Zainab Qayyum, Jugan Kazim and Ali Sikander etc. It’s a beautiful play that grabs your attention with the help of its strong of story-line. It is about a young artist who desires perfection in everything. He ruins his married life because of this obsession. He destroys his home and family to meet skyrocketing ambitions like money and beauty. He leaves his beloved wife and child alone, doleful and down. Kaash Aisa Ho has catchy teasers and promos. …

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Mathira Clothes on Good Morning Pakistan Show

Mathira vivacious host cum singer once again has become a hot topic in news/public due to her gestures, its not her language or phone calls this time its her cloths on morning show on ARY Digital. Many are of opinion that such cloths should not  be displayed on Pakistani family channels, Mathira was wearing half backless black outfit on the show. A very interesting thing happen on same  show as well that was, when viewers who were sitting on the set were asked a question that either Mathira likes cloths or children and in reply of that an aged women said she like “short clothes” and Mathira said she is right. Towards the end of the program Mathira said to the viewers that don’t judge anybody by his cloths or …

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“Quddusi Sehab Ki Bewah” ARY TV Drama: Review

“Quddusi Sehab Ki Bewah” is one of the most popular Pakistani Comedy Drama television series of 2012. The show’s popularity can be largely attributed to the acting prowess of Hina Dilpazer as she portrays multiple roles. However, the show’s unique storyline which portrays some of the most pressing problems in the society in a dramatic yet comical atmosphere has also contributed to the popularity of the series. The story is about the lives of two average families living in the same house, yet on two different floors. The owner of the house lives on the upper level while the tenant on the lower level. The story is focused more on the lives of the tenant, Amma a widow, her three …

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