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Juvenile Card Requirement & Tracking

Juvenile Card is an identity card which is issued to children who are under the age of 18 years. This card is chip-based which is different from the Child Registration Certificate(CRC). This card is an entitled document which has multiple facilitates. The important thing is that if you want to get your card, then child parents or blood relative holding a valid National identity card has to present physically for the biometric. Juvenile Card NADRA Requirement & How to get Juvenile card You can get your Juvenile card by simply visiting any NADRA Registration Center(NRC). Following are some important steps you should follow at the NRC: Firstly, you will be issued a token at NRC You don’t need to take a …

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Payoneer Card fees Structure for Pakistani Users

Payoneer card is beneficial for you if you are working online and have to receive online payments. Especially in Pakistan where you don’t have the facility of Paypal in such condition services like Payoneer can be taken as a blessing. If you have a Payoneer account, you can get your payments from most of the freelance companies. In addition to it, you can also use the same card as an ATM card and pay your bills and stuff. Next thing in your mind will be that how can I get this card and how much will it be going to charge you. Getting this card is very easy you have to visit the official website of Payoneer and fill a …

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Mobilink Jazz Super Duper Card Offer

Mobilink Jazz is said to be the largest cellular network in Pakistan. It is the premier and oldest cellular company in Pakistan having millions of companies. The number of subscribers its hold is greater than any other cellular company operating in Pakistan. Almost every cellular company in Pakistan is offering the super card in different prices. Just like other cellular companies in Pakistan. Mobilink Jazz is also offering Super Card to its subscribers. The best about the Super Card of Mobilink is that this can be used for subscribing the monthly offer of the Mobilink as well in the same card price. Mobilink Jazz has added a new plan to its monthly offer with the name of Jazz Super Duper …

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NADRA Watan Card Facts & Online Tracking Verification

Yearly flood disasters in the remote areas of Pakistan has brought many policies and new offers by the government of Pakistan so that the flood affected people may get some relaxation after financial help.The flood victims are mostly illiterate and poor.They cannot read, write and understand English Language.But the policy makers are may be English Medium people that they have constructed a website and whole procedure of relieving layman in foreign language. Take an example of recently introduced Watan card with the coordination of NADRA(National Database and Registration Authority). According to the statistics given by  official website are as follows: Total processed = 1,712,948 Card issued = 1,711,556 Card activated = 1,692,674 Not verified = 12, 653 If you visit a website …

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