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Gas Prices for Punjab Textile Industry Reduced by 54%

Industry is the backbone of economy and if industry and this is what Pakistan’s new government believes “Stronger industry means stronger economy”. 100 days plan of the new government is working in every possible direction and it has not left the industry alone in the process. The main and biggest industry of Pakistan is textile and most of the textile industries are located in Punjab but unfortunately prices of gas and electricity were kept way too much for the industries in Punjab by previous Governments and which caused a huge damage to the people of Punjab and its industrialists. Many factories shut downed as they couldn’t afford to meet the expenses and went in to loss due to the high …

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Atiqa Odho Coming Back to Film Industry

A few years back everybody was of the view that Pakistan Film Industry has collapsed and now there is no way back for Lollywood to come back and compete with the world or to compete even with Bollywood. There was a time when there was lots of competition between the films of both the countries but back in 1980’s Pakistan Film Industry lost track and started producing films of inferior quality.

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Pakistan Film Industry Lacks Professionalism Says Humaima Malik

It really hurts when a person kills the image of the country from where he belongs and this famous Urdu proverb fits Humaima Malik very well and that is “a wise enemy is better than a dumb friend”. Humaima expressed her views about Indian film industry by saying that they are very professionals and she want the same professionalism from Pakistan film industry.

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Fayeza Ansari: New Chocolate beauty of Pakistani Fashion Industry

Fashion is nothing itself unless represent in its full swing. The best presenter, the best selling is the basic rule of fashion industry. Pakistani fashion is being recognized all over the world due to its brilliant, sharp and beautiful fashion models who have been contributing a lot in the evolution of fashion industry. Among the most popular models, the name of Faiza Ansari cannot be ignored at all. She is known as Chocolate beauty and ruling beauty of ramp now a days. Working since 2004, Fayeza Ansari earned fame in a short period of time and became a supermodel. Her 5feet 8inches height, slim frame and striking facial features grabbed the attention of Deepak Parwani and Rizwan Beyg who introduced …

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