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How to fix PTCL Internet Complaint Yourself

1. Check Tone Sound in Phone Line If the line is dead, you most probably won’t have the Internet or any Telephony services. You should check the internal wiring in the house. It should be connected and not broken. Sometimes line cable is broken outside the premises due to some large vehicle passing outside your place, which breaks the wire resulting into the no tone sound. 2. Check Noise Level in PTCL Line You should check the level of noise of your PTCL connection. Use telephone headset to determine the level of noise. If you find noise in the line, connect directly and change your internal wiring in the house. If the issue still persists call 1218 to make complain …

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PTCL Modem WiFi Password Change -How to via

Although it is little difficult to hack the WiFi from the recent modems and WiFi devices of PTCL as they required to first-time direct connection with computer or laptop that want to use WiFi from the modem. But the old modem and WiFi devices of PTCL are still facing the problem of getting hacked by the other users to enjoy the free WiFi service. But now the users can change their passwords any time and as many times they want to secure their WiFi from being hacked. Whenever the user faced any kind of low speed and have doubt that anyone is hacking the WiFi password then the user can easily change the WiFi password anytime. The process of changing …

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How to Change PTCL Modem & EVO WiFi Cloud Password Settings

Many of my friends have been asking about how to change your Wi-Fi password. And for the long time I have been personally going to visit them and then change theirs WIFI password from modem settings, even though this task is very easy in it basic nature. In my opinion any person with basic computer literacy can change their password easily using modem settings. First step: You need to open your default internet browser for example Google Chrome or Firefox. Second step: Type in your browser and login Browser will prompt for username and password. username is admin and password is also admin. PTCL EVO WiFi cloud default password is also same. Warning: in some cases PTCL modems have …

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