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Nostalgia: Junaid Jamshed singing ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ (Video)

Its been years when Junaid Jamshed bid adieu to music and aimed to spend life ahead according to the Islamic principles. Junaid Jamshed, who was the vocalist of the one of the most looked after pop band of Pakistan, called it quit after meeting with the religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel at mosque in Faisalabad. Many wished a happy and prosperous life ahead to the music sensation of that time, but many of fans were jut awe-struck with the fact that there will be no more songs from Junaid Jamshed anymore. Junaid Jamshed was the lead vocalist of the most coveted music band of Pakistan ‘Vital Sign’ and his sudden quit raised many questions in mind of his fans. To …

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Showbiz Stars Who Left Showbiz & Turned to Religion

These superstars of Pakistani drama and music industry earned a lot of name and fame through showbiz but ultimately turned to religion. It shows us that true way to live life is according to our religion Islam. Sara Chaudhry After working in showbiz industry for 11 years, Sara Chaudhry said goodbye to it and now she is known as a religious scholar. She worked in various drama serials like Malangi, Din Dhalay, Teray Pehlu Mai and many others. Junaid Jamshed Dil Dil Pakistan song brought him fame that every artist wishes for and his band Vital Signs gave many songs to Pakistan. Many of his solo songs are also extremely famous. He left music industry back in 2002 and now …

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Junaid Jamshed Sued Pepsi for Using Dil Dil Pakistan

Dil Dil Pakistan one of the most loved national song of Pakistan sung by Junaid Jamshed’s Vital Signs, its remix version was used latest of Pepsi in which Ayesha Omer has been shown singing Dil Dil Pakistan. The fans of vital sings and Dil Dil Pakistan didn’t like its remake.  Junaid Jamshed sued Beverage Company for using his song without permission and violating its copy rights. It really was a mess up remix of such a wonderful national song.

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