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PTCL Offer Free Broadband Wi-Fi Modem

Wi-Fi enabled tabs, mobile phones and gadgets are more in use now a days. And its becoming necessary to have a Wi-Fi modem or router for connectivity needs. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited(PTCL) offering Wi-Fi Modems to PTCL Broadband customers instead of the regular wired modem. PTCL offers free Wi-Fi modem to new Broadband customers. 1Mbps tariffs are also being revised for new customers. Charges: Rs. 1,250 per month with free Wi-Fi modem.

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PTCL Broadband Upgrade 1Mbps to 2Mbps

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has upgraded data rate of 1 Mbps customers to 2 Mbps without any additional charges till 31st May 2012. From 1st June 2012 normal tariff of 2 Mbps “Rs. 1,499” will be applicable. This offer will not be applicable on Broadband student package. This promotion will also exclude customers who are currently on packages like double up, double impact and triple play packages along with the customers who opted out of the promotion last year, and whose line currently does not support 2 Mbps speeds.

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Double Impact Packages by PTCL

Double up Unlimited packages were launched in August 2009 to promote Broadband and PSTN with double play offering. Now PTCL has come up with the all new Double impact packages which offer a bundle package of capped voice minutes and data services. Below are the PTCL Double impact Packages with Capped Voice Minutes: Double-Play 1Mb @Rs 1,499 with 750 On-Net voice minutes Double-Play 2Mb @Rs 1,799 with 750 On-Net voice minutes *Double-Play 4Mb @Rs 2,499 with 750 On-Net voice minutes *Double-Play 6Mb @Rs 5,499 with 750 On-Net voice minutes *Double-Play 8Mb @Rs 7,499 with 750 On-Net voice minutes Double-Play 10Mb @Rs 10,499 with 750 On-Net voice minutes

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