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Shusmtia Sen Reciting “Sura e Asar” & Rehman Malik Reciting “Surah Ikhlas”

You guys remember Rehman Malik reciting Sura Al-Ikhlas? well this time round its Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen who came very close to Mr. Rehman Malik our ex-information minister in recitation of verses of Holy Quran. Sushmita Sen while talking to media about Ramzan and what she likes about Ramzan came up with some verses of Quran and those verses were of Sura e Al-Asar.

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New Mobile Connections (SIMs) Receivable on CNIC Addressees : Rehman Malik

The cellular industry has been flourished dramatically in Pakistan from the past few years. Carrying mobile in hand has become a status symbol in our society and those who rely on old and out dated mobile sets are termed as miser or poor. The easy access to mobile sets and SIMs has convinced a layman to feel its necessity and equipped him with this technology. The lack of check and balance in the sale of SIMs has created many issues for the users and might have increased the crime rate for few years. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) was established to encourage the investment, innovation and optimum growth of the cellular sector and operator’s performance. None of the primary functions are …

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