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Beautiful Teen Boys of Pakistan

Pakistani society is full of every kind of evils. Pakistani people all over internet searching for porn, women getting raped by group of men at the order of Panchayat, woman getting publicly beaten by her husband, girls sold for money, kids beaten by teachers in school and many other evils are all found in our country. Transgender are also not pardoned as there was once a case of a man marrying a transgender. The latest trend is the movement of our society towards gay relationship. It is not girls anymore but young and beautiful teen boys are also getting into business. An example of this would be a page labelled “Beautiful Teen Boys of Pakistan”. The description says  hi friends …

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2 British Lesbians Pakistani Girls Married in UK

2 girls of Pakistani origin got married in England. The marriage is registered now in Great Britain. Names of the girls are Rehana Kausar and Sobia Komal. According to reports both of them approached the council office initially and told them that they want to get married to each other. Council apologized initially and stated that since both of them are Muslims, therefore it is not possible for both of them to tie a lesbian knot with each other. After that Rehana Kausar and Sobia Komal adapted the stance that both of them are adults now and according to the laws of Great Britain, they reserve the right to spend their lives as they wish. Council registered them in one …

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